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Code Language: Custom Fields

Setting a Post Title with a Custom Field

Learn how to set your post title using a custom field in WordPress, and see an example of how this can be done using PHP.

As any WordPress developer knows, custom post types are a great way to extend the functionality of a website. However, there may come a time when a developer wants to use a custom field to set their custom post type title. This code example shows exactly how to do this in WordPress using PHP.

  • First, the developer will need to register the custom field with WordPress.
  • Next, they will need to add the field to their post type.
  • Finally, they will need to add some code to their template file to output the field.

By following these simple steps, developers can easily add a custom field to their custom post type titles.

How to Add a Custom Avatar to Your WordPress Profile

If you work with WordPress, you likely know about Gravatar. However, if you want your users to be able to upload their own avatar, it’s not ideal for that use case. Here’s how I created one using Advanced Custom Fields and added the functionality in my site.

As a web developer, I often find myself working with WordPress. While it is a powerful platform, there are always areas where it could be improved. One lacking feature is the ability to upload and add your own avatar to your profile. Unfortunately, WordPress defaults to Gravatar for this feature. However, utilizing this simple piece of code in my functions.php file and the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, I am able to create a custom solution for users to add a custom image to their website profile. This allows for greater flexibility and customization for users, and it helps to make their website more personal. I’m excited to share this solution with other developers who may be looking for a similar resolution.